Friday, August 31, 2007

Municiple Waste's Headbanger Face Rip Video Posted Online

Local Richmond thrashers Municipal Waste have posted the video for Headbanger Face Rip online for your viewing pleasure. It was filmed by the 80s cult splatter film company Troma Entertainment and features such Troma characters as the Toxic Avenger and Kabukiman. The song is from their latest release The Art of Partying.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Floodgate: 'Penalty' Reissue To Include Bonus Tracks

As posted on Blabbermouth:

Metal Mind Productions will issue a remastered edition of Floodgate's "Penalty" and album in Europe on September 10 (October 30 in the U.S. via MVD). The CD will be available in a new digipack edition on golden disc, digitally remastered using 24-bit technology, limited to a hand-numbered 2,000 copies and featuring three bonus cuts: two demo recordings and one previously unreleased track.

Fronted by former Exhorder and current Alabama Thunderpussy singer Kyle Thomas, this stoner rock band emerged in the mid-'90s, when the music scene was preparing itself for the upcoming wave of nu-metal. The New Orleans-based quartet, however, offered a completely different musical approach. "Penalty", the band's first and only LP, delivers an hour of prime doom-sludge stoner rock, comparable to the best releases by Trouble, Down or Monster Magnet. It features 11 brilliantly arranged tracks, inspired by the Deep South traditions of stoner rock.

"Penalty" (remastered) track listing:

01. Shivering
02. Through My Days Into My Nights
03. Before The Line Divides
04. Those Days
05. Till My Soil
06. Whole
07. Second Guesser
08. Running With Sodden Legs
09. Imitation Salvation
10. Feel You Burn
11. Black With Sin

Bonus tracks:

12. The Sublime and The Hollow (previously unreleased)
13. Those Days (demo)
14. Imitation Salvation (demo)

Damn, this is a killer CD. A must for any fans of Kyle Thomas, Alabama Thunderpussy or Exhorder. Since the original CD has been out of print for awhile you can pick up the remaster for a nice price.