Friday, March 16, 2007

Iced Earth Announces New Album Details

Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth just sent an update on some of the new releases heading out of Iced Earth's camp.

First is the single Overture of the Wicked, released in late May or early June. It will include these four songs:

01. Ten Thousand Strong
02. Prophecy
03. Birth of the Wicked
04. The Coming Curse

Next is their next studio album, Framing Armageddon (Something Wicked Part 1) and should be due out late August or September. The tracklisting as of this moment will be:

01. Overture
02. Something Wicked (Part 1)
03. Invasion
04. Man's Motivation
05. The Setian Massacre
06. A Charge to Keep
07. Reflections
08. Ten Thousand Strong
09. Execution
10. Order of the Rose
11. The Clouding
12. Infiltrate and Assimilate
13. Retribution Through the Ages
14. Something Wicked (Part 2)
15. The Domino Decree
16. Framing Armageddon
17. When Stars Collide (Born is He)
18. The Awakening

During their busy schedule, they also want to try and get the mixing finished on the follow-up album, which is tentatively titled Revelation Abomination Something Wicked (Part 2). If they are able to keep on schedule, they hope to release part 2 in February or March of 2008. The tracklisting is:

01. The Sacred Flames
02. Behold the Wicked Child
03. Minions of the Watch
04. A Gift or a Curse
05. I Walk Among You
06. Harbinger of Fate
07. Ancient Rage of the High Priest
08. A Gathering Threat / Time Marches On
09. Sacrificial Kingdoms
10. Something Wicked (Part 3)
11. Divide Devour
12. Conspiracy / Pilgrimage In Guile
13. Come What May