Monday, March 26, 2007

Alabama Thunderpussy In The Latest Issue Of Rolling Stone

Wow. It looks like Kyle was dead on the money with his news he told Jenn and myself Saturday. A really good review of Alabama Thunderpussy's new album Open Fire is in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. Yes you read correctly, Rolling Stone. You can read the whole review here. Not bad at all. Grabbing 3 out of 5 stars on the first album Rolling Stone reviews. Like I've said before, things are really getting serious for ATP. It looks like they're getting ready to finally receive the recognition they deserve.

The Missing Link

Both my wife and I agree, Kyle Thomas was the missing piece of the puzzle for Alabama Thunderpussy. They have been one of the best damn live shows we have seen in a very long time. They did a nice mixed set of classic and new material for the packed house this past Saturday night. The set list included:

Wage Slave
Void Of Harmony
Words Of a Dying Man
None Shall Return
Brave The Rain
Dry Spell
Dreamers Fortune
Motor Ready
The Beggar
Falling Behind
The Cleansing
Saints In Hell (from the new Judas Priest Tribute Album On Your Knees Available now!!!!!)
Open Fire

Not to mention the guys as always were really grateful for the many local fans of the surrounding area, who like us, drove an hour or more to see them play. It was great catching up with the band as well. We got to the show so early, Jenn and I just shot the shit with Bryan, Erik and Kyle for a little while. The first thing Bryan did when he saw us was come up and asked us how we we're doing and said how good it was to see us. Talk about your fan appreciation. For those who missed the show or those who want to reminisce about the blast they had, here are some photos I took during the show:

Alabama Thunderpussy & RPG @ The Outback Lodge 3/24/07

Things are really getting serious for ATP. The title track from new album has been getting quite a bit of airplay on the sirius radio channel 27 - hard attack, they have the video for Words Of A Dying Man out, and Kyle was telling Jenn and I Saturday night that a review of Open Fire was going to be in an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone!