Thursday, July 5, 2007

Stuck Mojo Debuts New Video, Web Site and Podcast

From the official press release from Stuck Mojo founder Rich Ward:

Stuck Mojo Debuts Video for "I'm American," New Web Site and Podcast

ATLANTA, GA - Following up on the success of their controversial, anti-jihadist music video for the song "Open Season," Stuck Mojo released today the video for "I'm American" from their new album "Southern Born Killers." In addition, they also unveiled a redesigned web site and the new "Mojo Mindset" podcast series at

Stuck Mojo was thrust into the national spotlight earlier this year when the "Open Season" video caught the attention of the blogosphere. Not only was it unusual to see a hard rock band take a pro-American stance, the message of the track was very clear - "we will not simply surrender to those who wish to do us harm." While some would try to claim that the song was anti-Islamic, the lyrics proved this untrue. It is clearly anti-jihadist. Some were so incensed that they accused the band of racism. This is especially ironic considering that jihadists are not a race and the fact that Stuck Mojo is a multi-cultural, multi-racial band themselves!

The controversy was fostered by YouTube denying the video its rightful placement on their most-viewed lists. Google video simply banned the track due to a few of the still images of the jihadists in action. Surprisingly, Stuck Mojo found a new audience in the hundreds of thousands who also were tired of the politically-correct, left-leaning music industry. Guitarist and songwriter Rich Ward appeared on several, national talk shows as well as Fox News" "The Big Story with John Gibson" to clarify the band"s message.

While not as controversial, "I'm American" does find the band once again making it clear, in no uncertain terms, that they are proud of the qualities that has made their country great and the people who have fought and died for its foundation and defense. In today's climate of self-hatred in the music business, where bands openly flaunt their shame at being Americans, Stuck Mojo once again refuses to go with the flow. As with "Open Season" the message of "I'm American" is clear - "we may have our problems and differences, but all are welcome to come and stand with us in freedom."

Stuck Mojo is an Atlanta-based band that is recognized as pioneers in the blending of hard rock and hip-hop. Over their 15-year career they have released several, full-length albums and have toured the world continuously. Their new album, "Southern Born Killers," is available for download, in its entirety, via the band's web site at A CD version including bonus DVD is also available for purchase.

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Angela said...

Um--not all people who are politically "liberal" are fans of PC.
Political Correctness (or Newspeak, as George Orwell termed it) is a device for fascists.
All the same, it's been a while since I've heard any news of Stuck Mojo...
As a rule, I'm not a rock-rap fusion fan, but 'Mojo is damn good.

axehandle said...

Please don't turn this blog into a political forum. As stated at the begining of the post, this is a press release from Stuck Mojo founder Rich Ward. These are not my words!!!!!